Counter-Strike: Source - Public Beta v1

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What you can expect to find within our software


  • Aimbot [On/Off]
  • Auto Shoot [On/Off]
  • Multi Point Aim System [On/Off]
  • Aimbot Height Adjustment [Incremental]
  • Deathmatch Aimbot [On/Off]
  • Silent Aimbot [On/Off]
  • Smart Aiming System [On/Off]



  • No Spread [On/Off]
  • No Recoil [On/Off]
  • No Visual Recoil [On/Off]


Extrasensory Perception

  • Box ESP [On/Off]
  • Name ESP [On/Off]
  • Health ESP [On/Off]



  • Bunny Hop [On/Off]
  • Auto Pistol [On/Off]
  • Fake Lag [On/Off]
  • Fake Duck [On/Off]
  • Auto Strafe [On/Off]
  • Auto Weapon Buy [On/Off]
  • Anti Aim Presets [On/Off]
  • Anti Aim Custom [Incremental]
  • Anti Anti Aim [On/Off]
  • Round Say [On/Off]