Author Topic: During the ESL 1 Cologne 2017 I visited OPEN CS:GO and opened the same name box  (Read 94 times)

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I was sure that SK will win! ESL One Cologne is one of the greatest champs in the CS GO Universe! Recently I noticed that boxes named after CS GO champs on OpenCS:GO give cool models... At each turn I spinned boxes devoted to champs I was satisfied by drops... Every time when I was buying here cases to champs I got gaining!

That is why I always trying to watch boxes and events in the CS GO Universe! And thus I at once deposit my balance and start to purchase ESL 1 cologne case. And this case made my day... Count skins and you will see that there are 51 skins in the end in he case and 38 of them are earning.

So, I've cash in my account at $70 and began to opening!I was opening some times and almost every spin I made was a win!I have got a small gaining from several openings!.. And then I got Bowie Knife Tiger Tooth and I even was not surprised!.. I'll open the case later one more again!I hoped to get more great items but this was nice too.I hope it will be still here!